Skully God – Biography – Wikipedia

Brandon N. (born August 4, 1992), known professionally as Skully God, is an American rapper from Covina, California.

He initially found success on the video distribution platform YouTube. He released his first music video “What They Gon’ Do” on September 12, 2010. Which has since been taken down due to copyright issues. Skully released his debut commercial EP Drip City on October 1, 2018.

Skully was born on Aug 4, 1992 in West Covina, California.

He moved to Houston, Texas after high school, which is where he started recording music and posting it on Soundcloud. Speaking on his upbringing, Skully described himself during high school as an athlete who participated in basketball, track, as well as many after school fights. Outside of school, he spent most of his time in East Los Angeles (Inglewood, California) and other areas near the Inland Empire. Growing up in this area it was fairly easy to get involved in gangs and drugs. Skully became affiliated with Rollin 60’s crips while still in high school.
Skully began his music career as a hobby he picked up due to boredom, after moving to Texas. While doing this, he was able to network and build connections with local clubs, promoters, and other local artists in San Antonio and Houston.
In March 2016, Skully signed to The Orchard.
Following this, he announced several singles, however he took a break from music due to family complications.
Skully reappeared in January, 2018 with a new single entitled “Girl”. 
The single soon became his biggest song with over 2 million plays between SoundCloud,
 YouTube, and VEVO. April, 2019 he released a single entitled “Ghost” and followed up with an animoji video which went viral on YouTube and Facebook receiving more than 6 million plays combined. Currently he is working on a full album to follow up the release of his recent EP.